On 1/12/2016, all of Lehigh Valley finally got some snow- less than one inch total! This really can’t count as a winter storm, can it? Yes it can! First we had to be at work at 2am on 1/13/2016. This alone makes it count as a storm. I know that Jillian was very excited to be at work at 2am on her birthday! This is a family business, so I bought her coffee for her birthday.

It was a very quick storm that left untreated streets and parking lots a sheet of ice. This brings up the age old question: why do we pre-salt? A lot of people think that pre-salting is useless and a waste of money. This storm proved the value of pre-salting tenfold. Every property Rgreen© (JRT Services, Inc.) services was pre-salted, and as a result, we had zero ice issues. Rgreen© is always trying to help the environment in the Lehigh Valley and until now has focused such efforts on our fertilization programs. RgreenR© (JRT Services, Inc) is currently exploring the use of liquid de-icing products. This will decrease salt usage even more without increasing safety concerns.
As always, please shop local!