What kind of fertilizer are you using right now? If you’re using just any fertilizer from the local store, you could be putting your lawn in danger, as well as putting your family and pets at risk. When it comes to lawn fertilizer, products are abundant on the market. However, they’re often filled with harmful chemicals and pesticides. You may not even realize it, especially when these companies boast about these products being safe for the environment, but there are better options out there. There is Rgreen Lawns’ organic fertilizer options!

What are the benefits of organic lawn care?

● It’s safe for everyone! Not just for humans, but pets, wildlife, and even pollinator insects. Of course, you want your lawn to look beautiful, but your family and your pets will play on that grass. Nothing beats spending all day outside, soaking up the sun. Plus, you know everyone is safe.

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● It benefits the soil. Organic lawn care promotes healthy growth as well as strengthening the roots. Nutrient-dense soil builds the lawn up to resist weed growth and keeps away unwanted. It also makes the grass resistant to diseases.

● It’s less expensive. At first organic lawn care is a little more costly than the alternative. However, once your lawn gets a taste of its new food, you’ll notice a huge difference. Your grass will be thriving; therefore, it won’t need as much care over time. You’ll also save money since you won’t need to keep reviving a sick lawn.

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