The impact of not buying local

The impact of not buying local is staggering. Everyone wants the convenience of buying online. I get it. You can sit at home in your Pjs and order almost everything you will ever need. And a couple of days later it arrives at your front door and you can get it without leaving the comfort of your home. Or you purchase a service from a company that is not local. That company does not have local employees, purchase local goods or do anything to help the Lehigh Valley.

Obviously, one big consequence of the impact not buying locally is store closings. This causes the loss of 1000s upon 1000’s of jobs across the country as well as in the Lehigh Valley. Most recently in the Valley is Toys R Us. Not just employees of Toys R Us lost their jobs by the closing. The companies that provide services to the store have lost incomes as well and may lay more people off. For instance, the local floor shinning company, plumber, electrician, landscaper and I am sure many more I missed. Then what about the taxes lost to Whitehall. The trickle down of not buying local will eventually cost all of us more money. Or the loss of basic services. Like Fire, police snow plowing public parks and the list goes on forever.

Here is a list of stores closing or could close in 2018 according to Business Insider:

Toys R Us, all stores

Abercrombie and Fitch, 60 stores

Foot Locker, 110 stores

Best Buy, 250 stores

JC Penny, 8 stores

Bon Ton, 42 stores

Macy’s, 11 stores

Sears and Kmart, 58 stores

J Crew, 59

Gap, 200 stores


Rgreen is a local Lehigh Valley company. We purchase everything we can locally. All of our employees live in the Valley. Please support local companies whenever possible.