Spring Lawn Seeding spring lawn seeding– Should I or Shouldn’t I?

As the warmer weather arrives spring lawn seeding is something all homeowners think about. We look out and see the gray/green lawn we have now and think I want a great lawn this year. First, unless your lawn is in bad shape it will fill in with proper fertilizer and nutrients.

So let’s look at the pros of aerating and spring lawn seeding.

  • A quick fill-in of weak spots.
  • New seed never hurts; grass does have a live span.
  • The weather is unpredictable in the spring.

The Cons.

  • You can’t use any weed or crabgrass control until the new grass has been mowed at least once.
  • The aeration creates spaces for weeds to grow
  • More consistent weather and temperatures.

If you do decide spring seeding is best for your lawn, do it as soon as possible along with aerating. This will give your lawn the best chance to germinate and still use weed and crabgrass control later in the spring.

RGreen® will always recommend seeding in the fall. We feel this gives us the best seed germination.

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