Spotted Lantern Fly Quarantined Counties


The PA State Department of Agriculture issued quarantines for the Spotted Lantern Fly in the following counties. The PDA is also requiring all businesses traveling in and out of the quarantined counties to have a permit. A permit provides evidence that you have completed training on how to follow the rules of the quarantine order, and you agree to do all you can to ensure that you are not carrying SLF. Rgreen® is committed to following all recommended procedures to ensure we are part of the solution and not part of the problem.  For more information on permits, go to Penn State Extension website.


Quarantined Counties

Controlling Spotted Lantern Fly spotted lantern fly

Rgreen® has been leading the way with innovation and procedure changes for 22 years in the Lehigh Valley.  We are continuing to do this for the threat posed by the Spotted Lantern Fly by implementing a specific tree and shrub program for controlling these insects. Call to schedule an appointment with an Rgreen® technician to discuss your Spotted Lantern Fly concerns.

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