It was a Saturday night (1/23/16) when it happened. We had been at Walmart since Friday night at 10pm when the snow had just started falling. A big storm was predicted for this weekend. All forecasts were calling for up to 12 inches- a good size storm for this area. Our job was to keep Walmart open and clear the parking lot after it stopped snowing. Around 6 am on Saturday morning we got words no one wants to hear, especially snow removal pepple. The STORM as it will forever be called, now was going to be the most snowfall in a 24 houre peroid in over 100 years. The new total was above 30″. We managed to keep Walmart open until 5PM that day. They finally decided to close when all roads were impassable. My crew and myself had shoveled and plowed for 19 hours. Little did we know how much more there was to do. We needed a break. The Walmart break room was our only option. We all filed into the break room for a nap. At 9pm the snow had finally stopped, leaving a 32″ pile of white powder covering the entire Lehigh Valley.

Now for the task of cleaning all surfaces we have. Every store we service wanted to open Sunday morning. The Walmart alone consisted of over 2.3 million cubic feet of snow. For anyone counting that is a lot. Soon the snow was getting into large piles in every nook and cranny that it would go, some of which were close to 20 feet tall.


Some interesting facts for the week: We had well over 1000 man hours, used $4000.00 dollars in fuel, slept 12 hours in a 6 day span, damaged two pick-up beds, took down one light pole and one car quarter panel. Even with all of this, the memories are priceless!
In summary the STORM was tamed by Rgreen Lawn, (JRT Services). I cannot express in word how appreciative I am of all that helped us. Let’s hope that we will never have to sleep in a Walmart break room ever again.

We did find time to get a Blizzard in a blizzard though; not everybody gets to do that!
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