Lehigh Valley Crabgrass Control

In the Lehigh Valley, spring will arrive soon. With the mild winter this year it will be very important to get crabgrass control down sooner rather than later. The old wives’ tale is that crabgrass germinates when the Forsythia bloom and that is exactly what I said; an old wives’ tale. The true germination time for crabgrass occurs when soil temperatures reach 55 degrees during both day and night for five days in a row. Rgreen® will time your first application before the ground temp reaches 55 degrees. We will also apply crabgrass control during your second round.  Rgreen® was the first Lehigh Valley company to use this procedure. The second application of crabgrass control extends the control time by a few weeks. This will help in case of severe weather.

Most crabgrass breakthrough happens near lawn edges. This can happen regardless of timing and number of applications. The most common cause is a weed whacker or edger. When using these two pieces of equipment it is imperative to not disturb the dirt surface. Once the dirt is disturbed your crabgrass barrier is damaged and you will see breakthroughs.  Weed whacking down to dirt will also open up areas for Cinch bugs.

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