Your lawn is a gorgeous lush green, but scattered around are annoying weeds that never seem to go away. Unfortunately, weeds are a resilient type of greenery, and they can take over the area when gone unchecked. Some weeds are pleasing to look at, but they take away from the nutrients of the grass. Here are a few ways to get rid of those weeds that we’ve found useful.

Rip Them Out: The tried and true method is to pull the weeds out. It’s the best way to ensure that you’ve gotten all of the roots out of the ground. Make sure you pull close to the root itself to make sure you get the entire thing.

Cut Off the Tops: Sometimes, you can’t get the whole root. Try to cut off as much of the weed as you can, especially the top where the seeds are.

Smother Them: This method isn’t the prettiest, but you can put either a biodegradable cloth, newspaper, or similar material over the weeds. This technique doesn’t give the weeds a chance to get through the soil.

Block the Light: Plants need sunlight to grow. If the weeds have gotten through, smother them out with either straw, mulch, or similar material.

How To De-Weed Your Lawn 1

Spray Them With Citrus: Mix some lemon juice or other citrus juices you enjoy together and spray the seeds. The acids in the juice will strip the protective membrane of the weeds off the stems.

Pour Boiling Water: This one you need to be careful with, but it’s beneficial. Boiling salt water will strip the outer membrane of the weed, causing it to dry out and eventually die.

If your weeds are taking over and these at-home methods are just not working, don’t hesitate to contact us!