Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass is commonly used in overseeding applications because it germinates quickly and provides a good groundcover while slower germinating bluegrasses begin to sprout. It is often used in the south to keep a lawns looking green after the warm season grasses have gone dormant in the cool weather. Perennial Ryegrass is best suited for the northern regions, as this grass type is not well suited for the more extreme summer heat.

Planting and Maintenance


Perennial Ryegrass grows rapidly in the spring and may require mowing at frequent intervals, sometimes as short as 3 days depending upon desired mowing height. Since perennial ryegrass is most often used in a blend, it will generally be mowed in accordance with the dominant grass of the blend, generally Kentucky Bluegrass.


Perennial Ryegrass is one the least drought tolerant species, and may require very frequent watering, especially in the south. In golf course applications, it is not uncommon for this grass type to be watered daily.


Perennial Ryegrass is planted with seed and is usually part of a blend. In the transition zone, it can be used as a standalone variety. It is commonly used in the southern regions to provide a longer lasting green color after the warm season grasses have gone dormant.


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