Bermuda Grass

Bermuda Grass is a very common warm season grass. It is great for creating beautiful lawns and is also found on many golf courses across the country. Bermuda is happiest in full sun, is very drought resistant and also has good tolerance for foot traffic. It spreads aggressively, and is sometimes a considered a pest in certain areas. However, it is a beautiful grass with vibrant color and can provide some very impressive landscapes.

Planting and Maintenance


Bermuda Grass is generally mowed at 1”-2” in height. Lower mowing height (about ½”) is recommended for the first mowing of the year. This will remove the dead growth at the top layer created by the winter months.


Bermuda is a drought tolerant grass, but should still be watered on a weekly basis to retain optimal health.


Grass can be planted through seed, sod or plugs. Sodding and plugging are the most common planting methods. It is only recently that Bermuda Grass seed has become available, but the cultivars produce a grass that isn’t quite as fine as the sod or plug cultivars.


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