Lose the Blues, Go Green

There are days in February when summer can feel like it is never going to arrive. If you are bursting at the seams to exercise your green thumb, try these ideas to green out the winter blues.

1. Start growing. Start your vegetable/flower garden early by planting seeds now. Transplant them in the spring and give them a head start.

2. Buy blooms. Buy potted flowers that bloom year-round and place them around your house. These flowers will freshen up your house and chase away the winter blues. Hibiscus, Christmas Cactus, Day Lilies, Orchids, and Geraniums are just some of the many flowers that bloom year round.

3. Grow herbs. Begin growing herbs you use for cooking like sage, parsley, basil and oregano. In addition to providing flavor, they will bring life to your windowsill.

4. Read books and magazines. Order your favorite lawn and garden magazine to find inspiration during the winter months.  Or, save money and visit your local library for gardening and lawn care books or magazines.  Let the ideas begin bouncing around and let your excitement grow for the coming spring.

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I needed a fall clean-up. A huge task to say the least. Rgreen brought enough people and equipment to complete the job in one day. I am very happy.
Tara, Schnecksville PA